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What to bring with you to the test

Samples can be bought in containers of glass, plastic or tupperware.


I have nearly all foods, drinks, e numbers, herbs and spices etc in my office and it is fine if you bring nothing with you.  However, if you have any special foods then feel free to bring these with you for me to test.  If you regularly use any of the below please could you bring these:

*  Any medicines you take
*  Any vitamins and minerals you regularly take
*  Any protein shakes e.g. whey protein shakes
*  Any Slimming shakes or tablets or bars
*  If you are a vegetarian / vegan and use Quorn products, please bring a sample of this

Headache, migraine, asthma, rhinitis, sneezing, recurrent cough, catarrh, throat clearing sufferers.

*   Any perfumes, body sprays and after shaves used by you or your close family.
*   Your fabric conditioner.

Eczema, rashes, itch, psoriasis and acne sufferers

If the condition is on your body and you use any of the following please bring with you:

*   Washing products
*   Fabric conditioner
*   Bubble bath
*   Shower gel
*   Soap
*   Body moisturiser
*   Fake Tan
*   Sun cream
*   Shampoo and conditioner

If the condition is on your face and you use any of the following please bring with you:

*   Shampoos and conditioners
*   All make up
*   Soap and Shower Gel
*   Cleanser and toner
*   Moisturiser
*   Face wipes
*   Perfume
*   After Shave

If the condition is in your scalp or ears, please bring the following:

*   Shampoos and conditioners
*   Hair Gel
*   Hair sprays or other hair products.

Tel. No.: 077 4087 1612

Address: 15 Malling Way
                Hayes, Bromley, Kent
                BR2 7PJ
Email: pauline.mills55@gmail.com

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