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Causes for Food Intolerances

A family history of allergy or intolerances makes it more likely that a person will suffer from food intolerances.  However, often there is a trigger which means that the person reacts adversely to a food that previously gave no problems.  Examples of these triggers are:

*   Hormonal changes - e.g. puberty, pregnancy, starting or stopping breastfeeding, starting or stopping the contraceptive pill, menopause, starting or stopping HRT.

*   A nasty virus or tummy bug.

*   A course of antibiotics or a new medication can act as a trigger for food intolerance to start or for the symptoms to be exacerbated.

*   After an operation.

*   A prolonged period of stress can also trigger a person to start reacting to previously benign foods.  This stress could be related to e.g. work, relationships or a bereavement.

Tel. No.: 077 4087 1612

Address: 15 Malling Way
                Hayes, Bromley, Kent
                BR2 7PJ
Email: pauline.mills55@gmail.com

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